TV Lift Cabinets

"Sleek & Chic"  Manufacture, a high-end modern company that designs and manufactures TV lift furniture.  Stow your TV in a storage cabinet featuring a linear design and clean lines, almost a modular concept.  Just push the button on the remote to hide or reveal you TV.  When not in use, your TV is safely hidden away inside the case.  This TV lift cabinet is motorized by Nexus 21 concealment system, the quietest and most reliable lifts in the world.  Product made entirely in the USA with a 10 year warranty.  Each TV lift cabinet is built with your specifications with 5 weeks lead time.

"Sleek & Chic"  Design: High-end Modern Design
A sleek, geometric and linear modular concept.
Each modular model can be used as is or enhanced with your own configuration - doors, drawers, open shelves, combinations are numerous.
Options for ebonistery are grooves or inserts with mirrors, sandblasted glass or veneer.  Large choices bring elegance and sophistication.
Every proportion of the piece is meticulously studied - from the thickness of the wood to the smaller details that highlight the perfect construction of the furniture.
A back-to-basics approach with an emphasis on construction and assembly.  Cabinets are always fully assembled.  Unfinished or "Assembly required" doesn't exist at "Sleek & Chic".  Assembly is a privilege of experienced craftsmen.
A return to the ancestral technique and expertise of our partners, talented American craftsmen.

"Sleek & Chic"  Lead time
Each TV lift cabinet is built with your specifications with 5 weeks lead time.

Products are 100% made in USA.

"Sleek & Chic"  Highly complimented by Nexus 21 TV lift mechanism
                          Nexus 21
 Concealment System:  Performance and Technology:
                                              -Raise TVs from 32" up to 103"
                                              - Near silent operation
                                              - High end technology
                                              - 10 years guarantee
                                              - Product 100% made in USA
                                              - Strong technical support:  Real people, real answers, really fast

                                 An extra "Wow" factor !  Make your project successful with


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